PGF stewards incentives

Being a PGF steward is (should be) hard work. Stewards must invest their time in crafting proposals, being in touch with the opinions of the Namada community, and taking the risks associated with being voted out. In order to incentivise this effort, Namada allocates a set amount of NAM inflation that is directed towards the stewards.

By default, this inflation is directed (directly) to each PGF steward account. The steward can then decide what to do with any collected funds. The Steward account can also unilaterally (within the rules of a multisig transaction) set up a stream of income to a separate set of accounts (e.g. a set of personal accounts between the signers behind the steward account). The inflation is then credited directly to these set of accounts.

The parameter of inflation income is set by governance and is included in genesis by default. That allocation is allocated to each steward (more stewards = more total funding).