The public goods stewards

The funding of public goods on Namada is conducted through a structure we call "public goods stewards".

Each steward is elected by governance through separate governance proposals. Each steward is responsible for covering a specific area of public goods, which they describe during their election. Stewards can then "propose" funding of various public goods, which passes by default. However, Governance retains the power to veto any proposal, which would result in the Steward being removed from the set of stewards.

What is a Steward (technically)?

All valid PGF stewards are established multisignature account addresses. These must be created by the parties (which may very well be just one person, but could be more) that wish to represent the steward entity. For example, if David Alice and Bob wish to represent the combined steward DAB, they may do so as a common entity. But likewise, Alice can create her own 1-out-of-1 multisig that to just represent herself.